Belarus Speech to the HLM

‘Let me start with a quote. The Russian writer with Byelorussian roots Dostoyevsky, an accepted expert on the human soul said ‘Nothing is more easy to denounce than evil, nothing is more difficult than to understand it.’ The last century has enabled us to accumulate combined expertise and knowledge from 3 international conventions adopted in 1961, 1971, and 1988 and these have established our international mechanism for drug control. 1998 UNGASS marked a transition with a more strategic approach. At the same time we take note of the problems existing and emerging that complicate these efforts and we commend the UNODC and INCB for their efforts to enhance international cooperation in eradicating illicit drugs. Belarus is fully committed to the principles of the declaration. In the course of Belarus’ independence we have continued to fight drug trafficking. Since 1995 we have had in place an inter agency commission to fight corruption, crime and illicit drugs which coordinates the activities of state bodies. We are currently implementing the 2013 state programme on illicit drugs. We believe that only comprehensive identification of all social and economic factors can help us adopt the appropriate measures. We organise various regular round tables on healthy life and drugs. We cooperate with civil society. We take an active part in regional initiatives towards drug supply in particular with regards to channel organisation as well as. Although some progress has been achieved in the last 10 years, the threat has been only contained. I would like to state my hope that this high level event will set in motion a new momentum to both national and international work.’

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