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Spain Speech to the HLM

‘The national narcotics plan has for the last 20 years been helping us to fight to reduce consumption of narcotic substances and it has begun to decline. If you look at the data in consumption for the last 12 months that we get on our home survey, we can see that consumption of cannabis and synthetic drugs has dropped and that cocaine and heroin are stable. Another interesting lesson in this survey is that citizens now believe that it is more than 3 to 6 points more difficult to procure illegal drugs for occasional use. This bears out last school survey of 2007 where we saw a positive trend including significant decrease in consumption of most popular drugs especially with regards to cannabis and cocaine. Also secondary students felt there was a greater risk involved. Also we have a national drug strategy – the common framework of guidelines to reach our objectives and carry out a whole catalogue. We try to establish a series of guidelines which above all is explicit in setting forth the guidelines on ways of actively responding that should be shared by all participants and agents working on the national plan. We are pursuing a significant drop in the health and social impact of drugs. Participation and scientific proof, are essential ideas in this strategy – popular participation which should lead to greater awareness in society. We have an approach of reduction of the inequalities that affect people and also a gender approach. The general objectives of the strategy are promoting general awareness about the importance of these problems including the social costs and the importance that society as a whole be an active participant and find a solution. Harm reduction in our approach is on the same level of prevention and treatment, this will provide health benefits, reducing the risk of infections as well as other risks. It will also provide additional benefits.’

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