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Colombia statement on drug demand reduction

The shared responsbility campaign is aimed as a matter of urgency to the international community. If conusmers of cocaine throughout the world were aware of the damage relating to cultivation to meet this demand then they would think again about consuming the drug.

Recently colombia has conducted a home-based survey. It found that 86% of people have consumed alcohol at least once and 35% do so habitually. 9.1% had consumed drugs and 2.7% had done so in the last month. The research showed that 15,400 people had conusmed illicit drugs in the last month. Cannabiss is the most consumed drug in Colombia, followed by cocaine and ecstacy.

Our policy is to reduce the prevelance of consumption and mitigate the negaitve impact on individuals, families and society. We provide treamtent, rehabilitation and social inclusion for those who have become dependent.

We have seen some progress. We have prevention programmes in schools and in the workplace and have achieved good coverage. We have a media strategy and since 2006, have had a national information line which receives 15,000 calls per day. We also have a national programme to mitigate the impact of drugs on society.

We have minimum standards for our treatment centres. We want to improve public health without criminalising drug use. We are certainly not trying to legalise and we wish to respect the rights of indiviudals.

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