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Hungarian National Speech to HLM

Hungary fully associates itself with the European statement made earlier. We believe in a balanced approach between demand and supply reduction interventions. We believe that an integrated balanced and multi disciplinary approach is the only effective way of tackling the drug problem. We emphasise the importance of addressing the health and social consequences of drug use. We share the opinion that harm reduction, as used in EU, is effective in preventing hiv aids amongst drug users, for society, and contribute to significance decrease in the number of drug related deaths. Scientific evidence is widely available that harm reduction methods are effective in reducing harms. We strongly believe that drug policy should provide dignity for drug users, and their human rights, and for universal access to treatment. We must ensure that health and social services are targeted at drug users. We believe that civil society is very important. UNGASS has shown the utmost importance of evaluation of drug policy. We would like going forward to see regular and reliable monitoring of the world drug problem and the interventions stemming from the goals and objectives in the policy documents. As Winston Churchill said, however beautiful the strategy, we should occasionally check the results.

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