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India statement on drug demand reduction

India is a signatory to the three drug conventions. It accepts drug demand reduction as an indespensible pillar of a comprehensive drug strategy.

In India, services for drug addiction are provided mainly provided by NGOs and supported by the government. Services have been increased in recent years and amongst the services provided are counselling, treatment, rehabilitation and social re-integration.

A drug abuse monitoring system has recently been established which collects information from treatment centres. India produced a manual on minimum standards for treatment services in 2001.

An advisory group for the government on drug demand reduction has been established, including representatives from various government departments and NGOs.

The government has also organised training workshops on drug demand reduction for SAARC member countries.

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  1. Pushpakanta says:

    Its very fortunate to include India as one of the signatory in respect to the three drug conventions. But when we talk about comprehensive drug strategy to control the increase rate of drug using figure, it seems to be quite unrealistic without knowing the situation and current trend of drug using habit. Saying this I am not trying to shape the world by my own visionary statement but rather getting closer to the set ups of every reduction methods existed so far. An easy example if I would say is about family planning. Did this very system sounds practical, I thing or I would say no and it will never. Because there are many sections of people in the human society with their own different cultural norms and behaviour. And also we just can’t pull over a seriously long running process to a complete halt all of a sudden saying its a policy adopted by our country. We should firstly look into the states if we are to talk about India where the drug using habit is extremely high and also to seriously study its harmful consequences associated with the drug using habit. So far not such type of study is carried out, intstead the decision usually takes place at the higher levels where a layman will be blindfolded with the new package throwing some funds to stop running out of hell. Strongly speaking for my state Manipur I would recommend harm reduction, Demand reduction and supply reduction also as it is going on steadily to bring out an amicable solution with a common goal of total abstinence at the end . So whats makes the difference if we are applying different methods with much harm to get the same answer. Lastly I would like to comment to kindly review the statement before it goes very deeply down rooted when it is found even to cultured again.

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