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Singapore Speaks at HLM

In the early 1990s the drug situation in Singapore was deteriorating and it became critical for Singapore early on to address the drug problem early on. We have taken tough laws with vigorous enforcement efforts. Drug addicts go through compulsory rehabilitation regime to kick their addiction and pick up useful skills. We also disseminate the anti drug message through various initiatives. The number of addicts dealt with in Singapore has reduced by 57% and today Singapore registers one of the lowest drug problems worldwide. Harm reduction versus harm prevention! In 2002 doctors began prescribing subutex – we realised it fuels addiction, doesn’t cure it and we had the emergence of a needle culture begin – Something not seen in the 1970s! Much effort was taken to stamp out subutex abuse including requiring subutex addicts to go through rehabilitation. We respect some countries choose harm reduction but Singapore adopts a zero tolerance stance. We have launched anti drugs campaigning and we wish to share our experiences with other member states. That we are gathered here today represents common commitment to countering the drug scourge.

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  1. Martin Veltjen says:

    Their ‘misuse of drugs act’, including capital punishment, must make it very hard to collect the data.
    And what does their data mean? What do they mean with “dealt with”. Compared with last year they only helped 43% of the people in need?
    And, surprise surprise, Singapore “registers” one of the lowest drug problems worldwide. Keeping the zero tolerance and capital punishment in mind, who would like to be “registered”, and admitting drug use and hence drug possession? Singapore might very much be an austrich-state. On the other hand maybe their zero-tolerance really works for them (for now), and if they want to keep it up (for now), they should understand that ‘harm reduction’ will not be forced upon them (f…w). The death penalty policy, however, is not acceptable.

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