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India addresses HLM

Referring to the full speech that was submitted in writing, India chose simply to stress the following themes:
– Alternative development was one of the first goals of ungass 1998. India believes this is the appropriate way and that we should continue this path. Weaning farmers away from illicit drugs is difficult but the golden triangle has shown that it can be done. We are not opposed to crop eradication either where that is the policy of the government we concerned and in fact we in india destroy drugs wherever they are noticed.
– A late problem is ATS and precursors. Significant gaps remain in the international precursor control regime. There are countries and regimes where there are no significant laws worth the name and no mechanism to verify legitimacy. We therefore request cnd to work to expand precursor control as a shared responsibility.
– the new area of concern is the misuse of internet pharmacies to smuggle drugs. Our narcotic control bureau has busted such companies but we need to tackle this problem at the global level.

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