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No one can ignore the fact that the adverse effects of drugs are not confined to any single country and that is why my country the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia subscribes great importance to combating narcotic drugs. We have criminalised all forms of trafficking drugs. We are waging war against these drugs which are a social disaster. The damage can affect many different aspects of human life and lead to the growth of crime. That is why we have set up a special agency to combat these substances. Given the importance of the agency and its role it enjoys a high level. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is combating narcotic drugs at a number of levels firstly in relation to supply, we have stepped up our border controls in order to do everything possible to prevent these substances from entering the country and also we have sentences which are deterrents. We have trained offices and secret service agents who combat drug trafficking. We have ways to keep officials abreast of all new innovations and techniques which may be used by the drug cartels in specific instances and we have 18 liaison offices designed to step up cooperation and enhance the exchange of information with the competent authorities of the region. This has had a constructive impact in fighting the drug cartels and it has been possible to apprehend a fair number of miscreants. As to controlled deliveries we are using them to apprehend traffickers and dealers and we have carried out a number of national and regional seminars to fight drug trafficking. We are also engaged in combating the diversion of chemical precursors. We are seeing to it that these are only used in legal fashion. Let me turn to demand reduction. We have arranged seminars describing the damage wrought by narcotic drugs. We also have bilateral regional agreements and international accords including the convention on psychotropic substance – we have ratified all of them. Ladies and gentlemen illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs constitutes organised crime and the cartels are organising and perpetratging drug trafficking activities to make a fortune and they are damaging the health of populations at large. We are convinced of the need to identify the sources of drugs to identify where they are being grown and processed. It is essential to identify the sources so as to cut back volumes as much as possible but there need to be coalescing of airports at the regional and international level.

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