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France Speech to HLM

France fully endorses the statement of the Czech republic. We must step up the fight against drugs. We must remember the stakes are high, these challenges are international. The political declaration reflects the new approach to drugs – its all in there – chairman we know that traffickers make light of national boundaries and the links between terrorism and national countries are a grave threat. We must bear in mind the threat to the security of states posed by the drug trade. It is clear that the rise in power of transnational crime has other causes, not just drugs, and that in no way is this is a consequence of the international conventions. These responsibilities are joint. We can no longer base ourselves on a rational of consumer country v producer country v trafficking country and the international countries must have a joint and coordinated respond. Indeed the initial responsibility is for a state and to take care of those individuals – their citizenry and to mitigate the medical and physical consequences of drug use. The French governmental plan has determined three basis access of thrust, to prevent initial consumption, to conduct resolute action, to ensure supply is going to drop and to diversify the treatment available to the most vulnerable and ensure peace and security. We cannot also allow ourselves to tolerate the destabilisation to nations. We must thwart organised crime upstream, clamping down on precursors, and downstream confiscating the monies of organised crime and we have to be sure that the environmental impact of the coca poppy in the long term is not negative.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Would you mind to put also the name of who was reading this declaration ? Also, I can remind that at the end of the french statement, the french representative mentionned and proposed 2011 for a next UNGASS, could you confirmed it ?

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