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Thanks to everyone for making CNDblog a great success

As the 52nd session of CND closes, we’d like to take the opportunity to thank everyone who contributed to CNDblog over the past 2 weeks for your help in making the debates and discussions at CND more accessible than ever before.

From the outset, the objective of CNDblog has been to make sure that the positions and statements of governments on international drug policy made at CND were available to the public, and that civil society could better hold governments accountable for those positions. In this sense, we have succeeded.

There have been over 150 individual posts and nearly 2,000 unique visitors to CNDblog over the past 10 days. CNDblog has therefore made the deliberations at the 52nd CND accessible in a manner not possible before. These proceedings will be maintained on this site as a permanent resource for civil society organisations working of drug policy and harm reduction issues.

There are many people to thank for making this experiment a success.

Thanks to the dozens of blogs and websites around the world that linked to CNDblog, reposted our materials or promoted the site.

Thanks to our many civil society partners (and many government delegations) over the past 10 days who provided us with the official texts of country statements to post on the blog.

But finally and most importantly, thanks to our small but dedicated team of bloggers who sat through days of often boring CND sessions to ensure that the key points were recorded and posted.

And to our readers, thank you for following CNDblog in 2009. We hope your found our efforts useful. Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions on the blog, and how we can make it better for next year.


  1. Anonymous says:

    indeed its big deal to accept and promote who are in the habit of using drugs either injecting or orally. But its of great help to carry out HR activities in controlling the dreadful consequences associated with drug using habit. On one side it can be assumpt that promoting and accepting drug using habit either directly or indirectly is in a manner of encouraging drug using habit. At this point what i want to comment is whether the drug using habit is actually encouraging by those who are delivering the services to reduce the harmful consequences associated with the drug using habit or simply the unstoppable supply and availability of different kinds of drugs and its transit route, where can we bring for a negotiation or shall we let it flow by just passing our comments on effective implementation of any form of working principles whether it is harm reduction or it is supply reduction or it is just to target demand reduction? No matter how far we are moving but we are atleast in a place where we can saturate in a position to work together with tireless effort from different angles under one guided principles. So I lastly would like to comment that it will be a waste of time and money if we quarrel over the issue of promoting harm reduction or demand reduction or supply reduction, instead we are very fortunate to live in this planet that we do exist all types of controlling agencies for all the reduction form one way or the other. And also ther will surely be certain likes and dislikes, merits and demerits, advantages and disadvantages for every matter we are dealing in our day to day struggle for life. So lets stop fighting and shouting to each other trying to come out with our vision and mission only as every single individual owe to have the same .

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