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CND day 2 – Australia plenary statement on drug prevention strategies

Prevention is incorporated in national drug strategy: supply, demand and harm reduction. We have sought to create strong partnerships between health, law enforcement and drug policy units of our government.

We have mainly based prevention on mass video campaigns. We have also considered passing information to the community: parents, teachers and other community leaders.
We have largely used research to implement targeted campaigns, and understand the importance of monitoring and analysis. Primary work is essential: young people get different messages from our campaigns. We test our messages on different subgroups of the youth population to make sure that the right message is delivered.
We have targeted our campaigns on the drugs most harmful to our society. Messages include the risks and harms associated with illicit drugs, and ways of accessing help and treatment services for those using.

Evidence shows that cannabis, methamphetamine and heroin have diminished, and increase of people who are reporting to treatment and health services.
We have also established the cannabis information centre, that implements research and training for young people and populations with specific needs.

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