CND Day 2 – Plenary statement by Algeria on effective drug treatment programmes

Algeria complained that conditions at CND are far from conducive to interactive discussion and member states need to mull this over. The speaker later added that perhaps next year they could have a round table with a fixed number of speakers to share ideas after the panellists’ papers. Useful information has been shared but a common sentiment among member states is to express our wishes. Let’s look at reality and prepare for an interactive discussion.

Regarding cannabis, it is a drug like any other. Sometimes there is a more permissive attitude towards cannabis. But areas of cannabis under cultivation are growing in Algeria.

Algeria has developed a national plan guaranteeing right to health services for drug users. But there is an insufficient number of specialists to meet demand. This is a significant issue and asked how the UNODC and WHO can aid member states.

Another issue is the proven link between drug trafficking and organised transnational crime. Would like to see joint work between CND and the conference of states parties to work on issues related to these links that threaten stability and social cohesion.

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