CND Day 2 – Plenary Statement by France on regional and interregional cooperation

There is an urgent need to develop programmes for regional and inter-regional cooperation. Countries must look at new connections between terrorism and drug trafficking which use similar channels. Drugs will affect all countries and must think in terms of human dignity and human rights. There must be a comprehensive approach.

Regional and inter-regional connections must be fine-tuned to thrive. Yet these must have a pragmatic approach. Urged for cooperation means denouncing situations together, taking action together to prevent drug trafficking and human trafficking. If these programmes are well-implemented they touch the population as well. Highlighted programmes in Calcutta and South Asia that work with street children to prevent use of drugs and programmes in Latin America that work with mothers. These programmes start at the grass-roots levels. There can be cooperation between member states and NGO. This is a dynamic process. There are north-south partnerships without prejudice.

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  1. Ambassador Weber’s speech and specific, eloquent call to fellow member states to substantively engage with NGO’s and civil society was a welcome intervention. We should look to France to help lead a greater engagement of NGO’s at the Commission.

    M. Perron, Vice Chair of the Vienna NGO Committee

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