CND day 2 – Plenary statement by the US on effective drug prevention programmes

It is possible to evaluate prevention efforts in the same way you can evaluate any other medical intervention. Risk factors associated with the use of drugs are associated with other risks harming young people like suicide, depression and teenage pregnancy. So it may be better to provide more generic prevention efforts promoting a healthy lifestyle.

It is better to combine evidence-based practices in sectors that effect young people. For example, concurrent parental intervention and school interventions produce better results.

Awareness should be raised among physicians because they are not prepared to screen or treat drug abuse and it’s a shame. Many og them miss the early warning signs of drug use and addiction. The US is moving towards raising awareness among physicians.

Lastly, the US has spent a great deal of money on national television campaigns and candidly has not seen much benefit. So the US has decided to follow the research findings and move toward much more localised, community focused campaigns. They will focus on media that kids use today. Television will still be used but greater emphasis will be put on media that kids use.

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