CND Day 3 – Argentina’s Plenary Statement on the Political Declaration and Plan of Action

Last year, adopted the declaration and plan of action after period of analysis. Once adopted the states have a basis for our work. Consensus on which we can put in a strategy for this commission. In this context it might be appropriate to update and adjust its message for work in light of the plan of action. Argentina is wondering if the time has come to rethink the matter of thematic debates. Given the objectives the thematic debates are rarely a debate. Thematic debates often come down to national statements. Maybe the time has come to reformulate and update that model.

The appropriate departure point to discuss the plan of action would be diagnosis. This could be done by working groups. Also, greater work could be devoted to links between the normative framework and the Palermo Convention against Organised Crime and perhaps the UN’s work against corruption. This would coordinate work and avoid duplication of efforts.

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