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CND day 3 – UNODC review of progress made regarding CND Resolution 52/7

This resolution deals with the quality evaluation of the performance of drug analysis laboratories. It presents a summary of our activities in this area, the possible implications for laboratories, and challenges and sustainability of the programme. IN the resolution, member states recognised the value of laboratory results and data, and the quality of these results for criminal justice system and preventive healthcare, as well as for worldwide exchange of information and data.

Activities of UNODC: Ability of gathering of data for quality and use in drug policy. We attract the participation of laboratories from both member states with adequate resources and those in need of assistance. Laboratories can report reliable data. For the labs, it allows them to monitor their performance. 60% increase in the participation in the programme: 90 labs in 40 member states participate in the exercise.

A number of laboratories are in a good position to identify the substances we send them in the samples. 10 year overview of the programme: positive trend to identify these substances. But in terms of quality data, we still have a long way to go.
We identify the factors affecting our performance through this programme. Considering the progress and increase in participation, we need to consider a number of challenges, including an inadequate budget: from 2004 and 2009, we have had a static budget, which means that the same amount of money is applied to a 50% increase in our participants.

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