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CND Day 4 – Indonesia’s plenary statement on drug demand reduction

There has been a steady increase among various population segments in Indonesia. To cope with this problem in the area of drug demand reduction, Indonesia focuses on comprehensive and integrated strategies.

At the national level, prevention as a first strategy should be conducted with wide partnerships. Dissemination of information on drug abusing risks should be circulated widely – particularly to high-risk groups. Indonesia has partnered with the media on raising awareness.

The National Narcotic Board in collaboration with NGOs has opened a new treatment and rehabilitation facility on an island for 200 patients and has an MOU with US-based organisation to enhance staff. The facility will serve as a research facility and include job-training programmes.

In total Indonesia has 345 treatment centres including all general hospitals. These efforts are incorporated with other measures by other government agencies.

The new narcotics law stated that minors under 18 reported by parents for treatment and rehabilitation wil not be penalised. Drug abusers over 18 who report themselves two times will not be penalised. Judges can refer drug abuse cases to compulsory treatment.

Indonesia supports the view that all drug demand measures should be consistent with public health, human rights and national laws. Drug demand reduction should be placed in the mainstream of people’s welfare and the international community should put more emphasis on this.

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