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CND Day 4 – Pakistan’s plenary statement on drug demand reduction

Pakistan is a transit country experiencing major spillover effect. There are an estimated 5-million drug users of which 4.5-million are hashish users and more than roughly 600,000 opiate users.

Pakistan has experienced low prevalence of HIV but has a high risk. Surveys have shown increased HIV prevalence among IDUs.

The use of hashish and synthetic drugs among the affluent is on the rise. A fresh survey is being considered to better understand the prevalence of this trend.

Prevention and treatment are main pillars of Pakistan’s strategy and a new drug policy will be announced soon. The city of Lahore is being targeted to become drug-free by 2020. To do this Pakistan will need the support of the international community.

Pakistan has decided to take on a study of the benefits of harm reduction before considering whether to bringing in the legislative reforms domestically. Inviting comments on best practices from other countries and is willing to undertake a pilot project on OST locally.

In order to extricate themselves from quagmire of drugs the international community needs to join hands. The existing support but there is a dire need to do more to increase the capacities of countries in the region.

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