CND day 4 – Plenary statement of Argentina on drug demand reduction

Argentina has developed a comprehensive national strategic work plan in terms of demand reduction:
– We make society aware of prevention programmes in recreational and sports areas, at schools for youths, in line with the specificities of the community.
– We bring up to date prevention programmes for misuse of drugs in rural areas
– We stimulate community interventions in vulnerable areas.
– We develop awareness raising programmes and means of communication, through public health programmes.
– We work with education communities: ‘quiero ser’ programme in many provinces, including students, teachers and parents.
– We try to include young people in these programmes, especially in the sport arena (soccer).
– Labour environment: we promote participation and commitment of businessmen and workers in public and private companies.
– Training and revamping programmes for professionals and academics.

In the demand reduction area, we have involved various ministries to give a comprehensive response to alcohol and drug use. Prevention must be built every day, everywhere.

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