CND day 4 – Plenary statement of France on drug trafficking and supply

I want to recall the importance in reducing the supply of drugs to make permanent the cooperation that we have internationally and regionally. We support a number of local and other programmes, including those from UNODC. We try to support dialogue and roundtables there. We support programmes in West Africa. This form of cooperation cannot be dissociated to reduction in demand, and NGO cooperation is necessary in that domain.

I also want to mention some resolutions, including the one dealing with precursors. It is important to monitor the control of precursors and I welcome the cooperation of the INCB in this domain.

Drugs also affect sustainable development, and threatens certain unstable regions. Reducing supply therefore also affects human dignity. It is logistical tools that need to be put in place, not only declarations of principles, with the support of specialised agencies in this field.

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