CND day 4 – Plenary statement of the USA on drug trafficking and supply

Regarding document CN.7/2010/5: these are recommendations for subsidiary bodies of the CND. These bodies represent regions, not the entire body, and which are mostly interested in law enforcement. Recommendations from these groups should not be considered as being binding in any way. We ask the secretariat to make sure that reference to this recommendation be properly referred to as such. Most nations are targeted by traditional organised crime. To fight cyber-crime, technical assistance can be provided through a number of international bodies and there is no need for an international treaty.

Regarding document CN.7/2010/10: Part of the cocaine that transits in West Africa remains in the region to be consumed. The USA urges member states to support technical support for legislative and judicial reform for regions where cocaine is produced. In 2009, the USA provided counter-narcotics assistance to countries in Africa. UNODC efforts should also not be overlooked. The USA is pleased to be a major contributor to UNODC. We renew our support to UNODC and will expand our support to areas where capacity is lacking.

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