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CND Day 4 – Thailand’s plenary statement on drug demand reduction:

Thailand is engaged in ongoing prevention activities targeting various populations including youth in schools, workers in various sectors and so on. Both government and civil society sectors are engaged in these activities.

The use of ATS is on the rise in Asia. With increasing use of ATS, the Thai government is aware of the urgency to disrupt this trend. The Thai government has launched several campaigns to raise awareness and target specific vulnerable populations. Thailand believes that drug demand reduction is most effective with participation from NGOs and the civil society sector.

Thailand fully supports the UNODCs programmes on data collection. Thailand believes that the accurate assessment of the situation on the ground will lead to the best policies.

Regarding harm reduction, various agencies have supported these efforts. Thailand has increasingly worked with international agencies and networks including the UNODC, UNAIDS, and The Asian Harm Reduction Network. Has also developed an MOU on harm reduction policies between agencies.

We realise the importance of mainstreaming policy. The department of public health ensures that drug users will have the right to access treatment of good quality.

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