CND Day 4 – UNODC HIV/AIDS Unit’s plenary introduction to Drug demand reduction: world situation with regard to drug abuse

The comprehensive package of nine services for injecting drug users (IDUs), includes OST, NSPs, voluntary counselling and therapy, ARVs, prevention of STIs, targeted information and education, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.

There are an estimated 15.9 million IDUs in 151 countries and roughly 3-million of them are living with HIV. The use of ATS and crack has been associated with transmission of HIV as well. HIV significantly affects the prisoner population, which can greatly affect a country’s general population.

UNODC has over 100 staff members covering 55 priority countries. The range of activities is very wide and includes dispensation of buprenorphine and work with vulnerable groups. Research shows HIV among IDUs is preventable but access can be low, especially among vulnerable groups including prisoners, refugees and women. UNODC is implementing programmes among these marginalised vulnerable populations.

The latest data published in the Lancet shows extreme shortfalls in harm reduction services to drugs users. Priority areas include a scaling up of the comprehensive package. There is a real priority for NSPs, OST, and ARV for IDUs.

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