CND Day 5 – Russian Federation plenary presentation on countering money-laundering and promoting judicial cooperation

The issue of detecting and cutting off the financial flows linked to drug trafficking has become extremely relevant at present. Unfortunately we see that even countering drug trafficking is a difficult endeavour. It may be necessary to go in all directions to counter narcotics trafficking. Throughout the world there is a focus on the financial systems of drug trafficking. States must have money-laundering squads in financial transaction units. Regionally the Eurasion States are pouring money into this and coordinating efforts with IMF and individual states in the Eurasion Group on Combating Money Laundering (EAG).

International cooperation is needed to disrupt the financial flows. Apart from the regional coordination of efforts it is necessary to go global. The group has developed a questionnaire to gather information on the work being done in other countries. Russia believes that given the complexity of the issue, they will have to coordinate to better focus on their response and the financial flows.

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