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Italy’s Comments on INCB’s Annual Report

Italy appreciates the work done by INCB and appreciates the analysis of the INCB and its value to governments in understanding the global picture. Italy believes the first priority is the prevent people from using drugs. A single early experience can have serious consequences.

Italy shares INCB’s view that governments need to bring primary prevention from out of the shadows and establish a clear focal point for primary prevention.

Regarding illegal Internet pharmacies, Italy has devoted energy to monitoring these sites. Abuse of prescription drugs is a concern and applauds INCB’s comments on the issue.

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  1. strayan says:

    And the best way to prevent people using drugs is through pack-warnings, excise tax, mass media campaings and age limits.

    As long as drugs are prohibited packing warnings are an impossibility, excise tax a dream and who ever heard of a drug dealer checking ID?

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