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Japan’s Comments on the INCB Annual Report

Japan provides its full support to countries such as Afghanistan so that they can reach a level of stability. We must take a comprehensive approach to the world drug problem and recognise the human security threats of this problem, and the links between drug issues and money laundering, terrorism and organised crime.

We must adopt policies that protect individuals and their communities. Civil society can play a critical role in demand reduction, with active cooperation of young people. Cooperation on demand reduction could provide synergistic responses to the drug problem. UNODC should focus on drug abuse, prevention, treatment, care and rehabilitation. Japan believes that methadone maintenance treatment is not necessary for the abstinence of drugs.

Japan raises its concern about the widespread increase of production and use of ATS. We must prioritise data collection to design appropriate policies to tackle the problem. Japan is alarmed about a new drug trend: herbal mixtures including chemicals not included in the drug control system. Japan is committed to work with the international community and form regional cooperation to reducing the amount of drugs smuggled across borders.

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