CND day 1 – Round table on health and safety: UNODC Secretariat statement

This issue is really about youth at risk. Young people’s attitudes are changing fast over the world. These involve young people in both low and high income countries. When we see dangerous driving, I always think about what there is behind, and 4 elements affect young people’s behaviours:

1- Extreme behaviours
2- Impairment of interpersonal communication
3- Difficulty in coping with stress
4- No perception of one’s future.

We need to look behind ‘addictive behaviours’, look at all the interpersonal relationships, young people’s day per day lives. Drugs are no more what the CND is imagining. We are moving away from heroin or cannabis to other drugs. Science gives us some predictions about these dangers: low education, unemployment, etc. We need to tackle these issues first. We cannot take any shortcuts here, we must start working with children, at the family level, at the school level. We need to make the dream about the future. We need to differentiate the aggregation of opportunities.

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