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CND day 1 – Statement from the representative of the Asian Group

The Asian Group welcomes the format of the round tables to facilitate the debates. The Group believes that a comprehensive approach is essential to address the issue of the world drug problem. It takes note of the World Drug Report and shares concerns of production, trade and consumption of illicit drugs. It is important that UNODC curbs illicit cannabis and opiate production. Equal attention should be paid to reducing drug demand, through public health and enforcement measures.

With regards to supply reduction, alternative development programmes and national development plans would help alleviate poverty and the drugs problem. Sharing of best practice is important in that regard. The participation of various sectors of society is also important. Regional and international cooperation should be used, including exchange of information on trafficking networks.

The Group takes note of the INCB’s report to ensure adequate access of illicit drugs to medical and scientific purposes. A balance is required to ensure prevention of drugs and its availability to medical and scientific purposes.

Regarding governance aspects, the group supports efforts to provide technical assistance from UNODC to member states.

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