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CND day 2 (CND session 54, March, 2011)

Agenda item 5

The report by the president of the INCB on the issues of implementation of international drug control treaties has been delivered in the beginning of second plenary session on Tuesday, 22 March 2011.

In the beginning of his speech, the president of the INCB also expressed its dissatisfaction over the issues that there are still 8 remaining that are not acceded to the convention.

Professor Hamid Ghodse made a presentation on the activities of INCB in 2010. While states consistently praised the work of the INCB and personally congratulated the Proffesor Ghodse on the work done, some of the concerns made are highlighted below:
Corruption and intimidation seem the tools effectively used by organized crimes groups against the drug law enforcement and governments.

Post conflict countries remain of particular concern for the high level corruption in drug law enforcement;

The recommendations by the INCB are aimed at public, law enforcement and policy makers;
Increasing availability of designer drugs – this has been mentioned by the number of countries from different regions – EU (active members, candidates, potential candidate countries);

Cocaine trafficking from Africa to Europe and lack of capacity of drug law enforcement to tackle the issue;

Increased synthetic drugs since 2008 and illicit poppy cultivation increased in 2008 in East and south East Asia;

States further have been encouraged to use online database that is a central knowledge body for the INCB.

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