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Committee of the Whole – Overview of draft resolutions

The following resolutions will be discussed by the committee throughout the CND

L2 – Promoting international cooperation to stop drugged driving
L3 – Ensuring the availability of reference and test samples of controlled substances at drug testing laboratories for scientific purposes
L4 – Follow-up on the proposal to organize an international workshop and conference on alternative development
L5 – Strengthening international cooperation and regulatory and institutional framewoks for the control of precursor chemicals used in the manufacture of synthetic drugs
L6 – Efficient measures to improve participation of civil society in the Commission on Narcotic Drugs
L7 – Promoting person-centred and rehabilitation- and reintegration- oriented strategies in response to drug use disorders and their consequences
L8 – Improving quality and building monitoring capacity for the collection, reporting and analysis of data on the world drug problem and policy responses to it
L9 – Promoting adequate availability of internationally controlled narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances for medical and scientific purposes while preventing their diversion and abuse
L10 – Measures to support African States in their effort to combat the world drug problem
L11 – Paris Pact Initiative
L12 – REvitalising the principle of shared responsibilityh
L13 – Promoting international cooperation helping states that are effected by the transit of drugs
L14 – Support for the development and implemenation of an integrated approach to programme development at the UNODC
L15 – Achieving Zero New infections of HIV amongst Injecting Drug Users and other at risk polulations

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