CND day 3 – Plenary: Availability of controlled substances for medical and scientific purposes – Morocco

The issue of international cooperation to ensure the availability of controlled drugs for medical and scientific purposes while avoiding their diversion for illicit purposes is particularly important today. Morocco is aware of the importance of the availability of these substances for the relief of pain. We need to strike a balance between estimates and real needs. In the INCB report, it is stated that more than 80% of people have inadequate access to controlled substances to alleviate pain. This document constitutes a good foundation and constitutes a platform for discussion to remove legislative and administrative barriers.

We hope that we will be able to identify real and applicable solutions to solve the issue. We call on the INCB and WHO to provide training on the issue. We need to address substantive issues as well, including economic accessibility (they must be affordable); national pharmaceutical pharmacies should include ‘the availability of narcotic drugs while preventing their diversion’; we need training of health professionals including palliative care and pain relief; and we need to monitor consumption.

Some measures have been undertaken in Morocco.
– We have adopted framework legislation to guarantee the right to availability and accessibility of drugs, particularly for PLHIV.
– Preparation f a new system for the setting of prices
– We made it a duty for pharmacies to have security staff
– We encourage local manufacturing and promote generic drugs.
– We have a monitoring observatory to follow trends in consumption.
– We pay particular attention to the training of health professionals.

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