CND day 3 – Plenary, demand reduction and related measures: The Netherlands and Czech Republic


Agrees with the EU statement. Reiterates the position on harm reduction, human rights, demand reduction, supply reduction.

Check Republic

Check Republic is complant with EU strategy and Policy fully;

WHO and UNADS have amphacized the importance of harm reduction and positive results are seen and evidenced; Check Republic remains in line with these recommendations to offer the harm reduction services in full extend.

Check republic was the most successful country in the EU to maintain low level of diseases related to drug use; it offers range of programmes in the country of 10 million people; 50 OST facilities injcluding 10 more in prisons; detox programmes available, aftercare and community programmes available; NSP provided;

HIV and HCV declined in recent years amongst IDUs.

Check republic offers its expertise and experience for share with other countries.

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