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Committee of the Whole – Resolution L12 (continued)

Colombia: The idea was to facilitate exchange of experience. We are prepared to accept the proposal from the USA. We think that the exchange of experience and good practices is something that must continue among member states.

Germany: We suggest replacing ‘tackling’ by ‘addressing’.

Russian Federation: Why are we not referring to the INCB in this paragraph?

Colombia: We don’t really see this as an area for the INCB. We are talking about technical support here. For this particular paragraph, we don’t think we can include this suggestion.

USA and Russian Federation: Support what Colombia has noted.

Switzerland: Two small proposals for amendments: add ‘international and [regional – ADDED] organisations’, and change ‘counter’ by ‘address’.

UK: Change ‘request’ with ‘encourages’.

Colombia: Inclusion of regional organisations is very good, but we want to keep the wording: ‘to counter the world drug problem’. Supported by the Russian Federation and Venezuela.

Switzerland: Agreed.


Argentina: Noted with great sympathy the proposal from Colombia and Peru. Delete the reference to ‘past and current’, and change ‘to counter’ with ‘to address’.

USA: expresses their gratitude to the writers for a clear, concise and focused text.
Algeria: Title: do we have to say ‘joint AND shared responsibility’?

Russian Delegation: We should use ‘common’ rather than ‘joint’ which is what we agreed on two years ago.

Argentina: We must abide by what was agreed on in the Political Declaration, so ‘common and shared responsibility’ is appropriate.

Algeria: Asked the chair to put this in brackets as a result of her own proposal being put in brackets.

Venezuela and Argentina: This is a pity since we have already used this before.
Bolivia: We wish to express one concern: in PP6: we should state ‘against all aspects related to illicit drugs’.

Colombia: In L10, we use the term ‘common and shared responsibility’, so we don’t understand the concern from Algeria.

Russian Federation: The term ‘common and shared responsibility’ was in decision 2009, but also the 1998 UNGA resolution. I completely agree with what Bolivia has said. Also, we have a clear idea of what the world drug problem issue is.

Guatemala: Why should we get back to something that has already been approved?
Bolivia: We could include a footnote on what we understand about the world drug problem.

Mexico: My delegation is not a member of the COW but I would like to make two comments: for the title, it is clear that it is based on the Political Declaration, so there is no problem on that. For the second issue, we appreciate the flexibility of Bolivia with accepting the use of a footnote.


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