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CND Day 4. Item 7: World Situation with regard to drug trafficking and recommendation of the subsidiary bodies of the commission

Chile – Combating money Laundering 2003 Money Laundering System whi, improvements in drafting of criminal offences. Intensive support for investigation, taken the choice to prosecute small scale criminal units removed 6.5 million $ through forfeiture. Convicted the first lawyer 2009 conviction on human trafficking 2. asset investigation. Possibility of online investigation. 2010 special police ATF Officers

Colombia Working resolutely on money laundering criminal groups gained through drug trafficking. Govt of Colombia has clear goal to combat the drug trade and associated terrorism

Korea – Link between Drugs and Organised crime holding workshops on drug forfeiture. Drugs service supporting financial institutions. Mutual cooperation with foreign bodies and looking at extradition.

Indonesia – Plan of action calls for Indonesia to act, strengthening money laundering by investigators.

Iran fully determined to fight and move against money launders establishing and freezing unidentified credit constitution.

Nigeria has carried out strategies with other countries in the area National Task Force to place assistance.

Zimbabwe – Countering money laundering.

Mexico endorse what Colombia says that money laundering poses problems to a democratic states Specialised cells/units This will deprive crime of its main goal of making illegal gotten gains.

Peru The commitment of the Peruvian state is expanding the crimes under money laundering. Furthermore pension and other money laundering schemes have been brought into effect once the money has been seized.

Korea offers it’s sincere appreciation to the conference. Notes that Opium poppy and Coca Leaf production is on the decline.

Item 7 Recommendation that arise from the outcomes of the participants. The process of subsidiary policies – the common challenges measure progress subsidiary bodies facilitate policies

Ecuador states that drugs are an “endemic global evil” and the fight against the global drugs trade must be ongoing.

UN Charter 55/56 articles 1-11 and article 36 sub para 3 Argentina feels that the death penalty is at odds with the right of a fair sentence. This is an upshot of the stated Respect for the drug policy is concerned with the ancestral practice of coca leaf practice which should not be confused with legalisation.

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