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CND day 4 – Plenary: Series of statements by member states


EU Stepping up fight against crime along cocaine and heroin routes.
New strategy high degree of security and public health.
Cultivation of cannabis in Europe increasing
Production of opium dominated by Afghanistan
3rd year in a row cultivation is decreasing although increasing in 3 other areas. Sustained development programmes needed. EU express concern at the high level of consumption in Afghanistan, EU welcomes regional programme which expands the rainbow strategy.
High seizure of ATS and precursor chemicals, EU value international security tools major process in police and local co-operation. EU recognises the integrated nature of the drug production in so far to focus efforts on ending poverty and hunger

Managed to reduce the area under the production of coca by 16% and has been helped by aerial means of tracking traffickers. Much needs to be done in the elimination of drugs must redouble major challengeto see tghat thisis managed. |reventative alternative view neededto acheive alternative policies with help from the west with preventative, reliable, faithful data so we can face up to this

The Netherlands has been successful in that cocaine supply has dropped significantly
There is a problem in the production of ecstact although this as decreadsrd. Coffee shop been successful in warning kids away froom children. No of Coffee shops

Coffee shops are private clubs and must be a minimum distance from schools. Dutch govt implementing these measure should be read in parliament in May

To exchange its experience with regards to cannabis experience with the work with the goals that have been referenced. Expresseddd world wide problem of the scourge of drugs
Eradicated 4900 hectares in the past year, whittled down by 65% awareness progs in souks and mosques and alternative measures.
Morrocan state inc tangiers have also counter attackted marginaged srres
Two pillars Support Morocco in continuing to curb cannabis production
Like to progress with proper data on crop erasdication note with gret

Last year costa “using cultivation and disrupting flows will be usfel but by lo

Integrated prevention of drugs, preventative alternative development. March 2009 M
MariaCosta – reform of the law with greater state powersa and integrated cooperation for a balanced approached.
Increase in production of opiates.

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