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CND day 4 – Plenary: Iran

International drug control system is getting very cooperative globally. in this regard Iran tries to coordinate with the international community to deal with drug trafficking; in specific drug trafficking from Afghanistan remains a priority for Iran, border controls are enhanced; measures are taken at all borders in the south of iran as well as in North; fences of special control are constructed in different areas (costing 600 million).

Iran has a cooperation with poakistan and Afghanistan; triangle initiative was prepared to tackle with drugs and traffickers. This is a regional initiative and that complements tio international police work against drugs; high number of seizure of heroin, poppy, opium, amphetamin was conducted.

New supply reduction policy has been drafted; new act adopted; new act provides severe punishments of the drug offenders.

Iran is the view of successful control of drugs can be only done in close cooperation of countries based on shared responsibility. Mentioned triangle initiative is the proof of it.

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