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CND day 4 – Plenary: Russia

Comment of Russian Federation on international joint and shared responsibility:

Resolutioon of 53 session last year, Russia noted the need that states have to contribute to the reduction of scale of poppy cultivation in Afganistan and demand on the drugs.

In the meeting with EU in Brussels, Russia presented new kind of security concept raising the issue of “Afgan drugs” threatening international piece and security; CSTO committee noted the drugs spread from afganistan as threat tpo international piece and security too; Shankhai orgzanition member states are studying this issue further as well.

Russian state strategy also prooves the state of Russia against drugs; cut down the demand and aimn at cooperation with other countries to fight against drugs.

Together with number of countries in the region and EUROPOL joint actigvities have been done to investigate international drug crimes. Russian Federation services and Ivanon personally has stated that it is necessary to set up a new structure and attitute for the fight against drugs that threatens international piece and security.

Russia calls upon the states to redouble the efforts for the joint and shared responsibility in order to effectively fight againt the drug trafficking at internationaL level.

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