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CND day 4 – Plenary: USA

USA government works with partner govertnments around the world on the issues of political declaration and plan of action (border control, demand reduction.
More than 1 billion USD for inernatiponal counter narcotic efforts has been spent by the uSA mostly on afganistan and other countries and internaitonal communities.

2007-10 challenges in Afghanistan remains complex and significant;
2010 counter narcotic police in Afganistan conducted over 100 poperations and seized 11 metric tones of heroin – 700% increase in the level of seizure was observed;
USA supports Paris platform iniatiaves and looks forward to new actions against drugs.

Mexico and other Carribean countries – USA will continue support to reduce drug trafficking; community policing and law enforcement bodies need to be strengthened.

Additional technical assistance programmes for the countries in the transit zone and new areas where cocaine is produced; in West africa through West Africa initiative; USA supports this programme through bilateral agreements; UNODC should be commended for the continued efforts to work in this direction.

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