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CND day 4 – Plenary: Zambia

Zambia is committed to deal with the illicit drugs, money loundering and demand reduction, the commission has regional offices in regions and districts.

Zambia is controlling cut of variety of drugs (Cocaine mostly) that origins in African region (northern part of the country bordering with Tanzania);

Large number of cocaine addiciton observed in Zambia – stated the representative. At the same time, drug trafficking is a human threat and the same happenes in Zambia, it also threats the stability of law enforcement bodies and other governmental agencies.

Joint permanent commissions on defence and security is created to regularly discuss the issues of drugs dealing at governemntal level.

African narcotic bureau is involved in trainings of officers working in the field, INCB, UNODC and other institutions involved in the discussions.

International support in the area of technical assistance and capacity building is needed in Zambia.

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