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CND plenary session, day 5

Plenary resumes its work.

question of the chirperson – COW is still working on the resolutions and it will take some time to finish them up. It will take some time to CND to conclude its work around the issue. The initiative is again to go forward to finish the the resolutions.

Russian delegation takes the floor and urges the governments to wait for the COW to conclude its work.

Chairperson advises to go forward with the resolutions; Russia strongly opposes this initiative. It believes that not all delegations have made their minds and there is a need for further considerations.

The chairperson states that the plenary needs to save some time but there is no consensus among state delegates.

Sudan takes the floor and states that only 1 hour to finish this session and proposes to gather at 14.oo.

Co-sponsorship for the resolusions is open until monday and states are invited

Canada asks if there is a limit on the number of resolutions that country can co-sponsor. The answer is that there is no limit on numbers.

EU suggests to postphone adoption of resolutions;

Finland strongly opposes procerestination of adoption of resolutions.

Australia supports the proposal by Canada and Finland to go head with L2 L3 resolutions;

Brazil has no problem to continue working on the resolutions that are already ready.

A compromise would be to meet at 3pm not 4pm and delegatins will need to arrange their work in a way to start adoption of resolutions.

Finland still wonders why not to start at 14.00 and why at 15.00.

Yemen concurs with the idea to revive the session at 15.00 and the head of the COW will attend the work and that will satisfy the Yemen delegation.

Turkey believes that renewal of the session at 15.00 is sensible.

The plenary adjourned, the work continues at 15.00.

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