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Plenary Day 2: Norway

UNODC strategy 2008-2011 states that the true measure of success is how much we deliver for those who need us most. Has the UNODC brought the expected results of Member States’ investment? When UNODC embarks on a new strategy lessons learned must be taken into account. The independent evaluation unit must be involved, and any new strategy must measure qualitatively and quantitatively measure impact.

Norway is concerned about the governance and funding of UNODC. Serious weaknesses in governance of UNODC that must be addressed.

Progress towards MDGs must be borne in mind, and UNODC should contribute to system wide coherence in the spirit of ‘delivering as one’. Human rights and gender questions are central –it is a precondition of Norway’s assistance that human rights and gender be integrated on the ground, and Norway encourages co-operation with OHCHR and UN WOMEN, and to integrate human rights and gender into its work.

Norway welcomes the new appointment of a Chief of the re-established independent evaluation unit and urges the UNODC to give independent evaluation the highest priority.

Geographic diversity in recruitment is important, as is gender balance, particular in high level roles. UNODC should strive for a 50-50 balance. This has been sought by Norway for many years.

We wish to see a UNODC which is lead by results-based management. That those who perform are rewarded.

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