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Sub-item 4A- ketamine

Ketamine has been one of the central discussion topics in the plenary session under different agenda items.

Japan in its statement while expressing the concern over the increasing problem of new types of recreational drugs strongly condemned World Health Organization (WHO) stating that: “WHO’s role is to give an advice to INCB, and they better fulfil their obligation!” over the recommendation No 53 made by INCB and that apparently was not the subject of agreement between WHO and INCB (to include ketamine in the list of internationally controlled drugs). In different parts of the world, Ketamine is reported to be an increasing concern for ; and many countries (especially popular among young people) and Japan reported that there has been number of seizures by the governments (USA research shows more than 2 000 kl Ketamine seizure in Asia in 2009);

There was no agreement on this issue. European states have been divided from the Asian group of countries. Discussion continues.

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