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The new topic under a new angle: Proportionality of sentencing

Speech by Mikhail Glochenko

Proportionality of sentencing

The question asked for the debate is what is proportionality used for drug offences;
the issue discussed in the prism of European Humasn Rights Court case law.

The three main threshhold of ECtHR has been analysed: legitimate aim, proportionality and necessary;

Aim: public health; public order, public morality
the discussio here goes out of the boundaries of the meeting; the famous “human rights activists” for children try to make arguments that is like morality, public expectations, drugs are evil and those who take them, talk about children and drugs was prevented by the chairperson to continue the session.

The discussions are permanently distructed by the comments made by Swedish delegation. The claim is that prisons work and people who use drugs need to go prison in order to get “cleaned”.

Yet again, the question of what is proportionate response to the drug crimes? Swedish delegation left;


  1. Synarn says:

    I’m Swedish and I can tell you that Larsson and her henchmen are more or less insane, they have no objective view on these issues at all. They just wanna lock people up. End of story. In Sweden, a person that dies of an overdose directly after rehab, without being charged for a crime. Is “cured” according to the statistics…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree! That woman is _completely_ insane and a danger to our democratic society!

    If you read some of the articles she has written it will be crystal clear.

    Someone should write an article about it in international media, we have laws similar to Saudi.

    This woman once stated that it was worth letting hundreds of people be infected by HIV (there was an epidemic some time ago) to avoid bending our moral standards and offer needle-exchange. The result: hundreds of people were diagnosed with HIV in _SWEDEN_, not an african country, SWEDEN!!

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