Committee of the Whole – Resolution L3: Reintegration of persons released from prison who have renounced drug abuse

Many delegations support this draft according to Ukraine, and Turkmenistan has decided to Co-sponsor the resolution.

Brazil and Mexico suggested that some of the paragraphs are incorrect and do not reflect the reality. The title of the resolution was also found to be quite restricted according to some delegations.

Netherlands suggested a number of changes in the various paragraphs and wants to delete paragraph relating to “permanent recovery” as they claim this is very unrealistic.

Is the resolution aimed at drug users in prison or other people in prison who use drugs? Drugs are very common in prison and some delegations are stating that this reality is making the meaning of the resolution very unclear and incorrect.

There was uncertainty as to who this resolution is aimed at by some delegations. This issue continued to be debated for some time.

Ukraine tried to clarify the resolution by stating that the resolution was aimed at people who weren’t given substitution therapies; people who experienced forced interruption of drug use through prison time.

Any translation problems will be discussed after the session tomorrow. Conceptual and translation issues will continue in closed meetings this evening.

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