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Side Event: Bolivia and Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 1961

What the Bolivian mission wants to make clear and in line with president Morales’ comments this morning, is that the Bolivian people do not want a situation without any control on coca production. However they do want control of the coca leaf production and control that embraces the cultural and medicinal properties of the coca leaf.

Bolivia’s withdrawal from the convention began on the 1st January, and intends to re-accede with a reservation. The delegation stresses the fact that it is just a reservation and therefore it will not affect all aspects of the convention. They are therefore waiting to the approval of all states for their accession.

The Bolivian delegation highlighted again the fact that they are fulfilling their responsibilities in the international effort to combat global drug trafficking. There exists a political will for Bolivia to show the international community that they are doing what they can to combat global trafficking. However they state that they have undertaken this role with full respect for human rights and they also have put an emphasis on an effective dialogue with the coca producers as the issue is recognises as a socio-economic one. They have also increased their cooperation with the United States and will receive 9 million dollars from Brazil to work on prevention. They state that just because people die does not mean that they are fighting against drug trafficking, they want a clear strategy.

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