Committee of the Whole – Resolution L8: Promoting female-oriented strategies and interventions for women at risk of drug abuse and drug dependence

Costa Rica raises issues around women’s role in drug trafficking and enters addition regarding such concerns.
Egypt wants services for women to be country specific.

Russia accepts the general theme of the resolution but seems clarity over some of the wording

Norway wants women’s greater vulnerability to HIV to be stated in resolutions title and position seems to have support from Italy, the initiator of the resolution. Russia opposes and raises concerns about the resolution leading towards having an overly positive discrimination stance towards women

Brazil proposed pregnancy clause in the resolution;

Chile following up the brazil on women and children! Child care to be included here
latin group is active in putting childcare language in women’s resolution

UNODC says: yes child care is in the mandate of UNODC. Women and drug use will come up all the time in the UNODC work apparently hereafter.

Informal meeting with Italy on resolution will finalise.

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