Committee of the Whole – Resolution L9: Developing an international electronic import and export authorization system for licit trade in controlled substance

Resolution can be read here:

Questions are raised about what the financial burden’s on member states will be? and whether there is capacity building assistance.

Further comments are made about how this system should take into account the domestic requirements of member states and proposes new paragraph on this issue where UNODC should assist countries in implementation of authorisation systems.

Russia: suggests altering title to say “narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances” rather than “controlled substances”. Some proposed amendments on notification requirements are also made.

Debate about how the system could work by INCB and UNODC representatives. It will take 12 months to set up system. Financial implications including total development, roll out and support for 4 years = 150,000 USD per year.

Brazil: raises problem of if the system is limited to narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, would there be two systems, one for precursors (paper based), and one for narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances ( which would be electronic). Wouldn’t a fully automated system be better?

US: requests clarity on financial and operational implications and INCB representative takes considerable time explaining how the process works.

Belgium instigate further negotiations in informal meetings to finalise operational discussions.

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