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Plenary Day 1: Statement from Honduras

Our situation is dynamic. Transnational crime is changing fast and replacing traditional forms of crime. It is causing violence and destabilizes society. It is therefore important to seek to reduce demand and supply, and to tackle associated crimes such as through anti-money laundering measures is particularly important.

Honduras is taking steps to improve legal and other structures to combat drugs and crime. We are grateful for help by the UNODC and Central American security strategy structures, with drugs as a key component given the violence in the region.

We seek to have a region with strengthened policies, including programmes to respond to juvenile and gender violence.

We are also pleased that a Central American institution has been set up that includes a network of prosecutors and centre of excellence in the Dominican Republic.

There could be no development without security and no security without development. Therefore by tackling illicit drugs and associated crime, we can better meet the Millenium Development Goals.

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