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Plenary Day 1: Statement from Lao PDR

Laos has been successful in significantly reducing opium poppy cultivation, reducing cultivation areas by 94% and to reduce opium addiction by over 80%. This achievement can be attributed to political will to put an end to this scourge to our society. We are grateful to the UNODC and generous countries that helped contribute to this effort.

6 years after the historical declaration, opium poppy cultivation had been increasing year by year. At the same time the trafficking of marijuana and ATS has been increasing, demonstrated by an unprecedented seizure of 24million ATS tablets in 2010. Vulnerable areas include the region around the Mekong river.

The abuse of drugs has posed a burden on the treatment and health services of our country. There are 2 measures that must be taken simultaneously to effectively tackle drug problem: continue implementing the 9 pillars of the drug strategy established by the government and UNODC in 2009, and to strengthen collaboration with neighbouring countries on tackling trafficking. Other mechanisms of regional cooperation include ASEAN.

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