Plenary, Day 3. Drug demand reduction and treatment : Czech Republic

We want to draw attention to the global commission on drug policy report about how many elements of drug polices have failed. Countries are scarred of saying so and Czech prime minister supported the report to challenge poor policies. We shouldn’t criminalise people who suffer from drug addiction. We mustn’t be afraid to be challenge poor policies

We want a balanced approach based on evidence based policy, with a strong regard to human life and support harm reduction which is vital for effective policy. We include harm reduction as a key pillar of Czech drug policy reducing the risk of harm for all drugs. Harm reduction helps keep hiv for IDU under 1% .

Our attitude is based on evidence based policies, and minimalising harms associated with drug use.

We are convinced changes in the conventions are necessary in some elements. Globalised world doesn’t allow us to continue with an expensive experiment on the war on drugs. We need brave steps towards better drug polices.

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